Foreign SIM Cards

International Roaming at Local Rates
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Avoid roaming costs, use Trikon's innovative SIM cards while traveling abroad. We offer both worldwide roaming as well as local SIM cards of your country of travel. Incoming is free in most countries, and the worldwide SIM card even pays you to receive calls on some networks!
Avoid roaming costs, use Trikon's SIM cards while traveling abroad. We offer local SIM cards of your country of travel. They have low rates to call locally and a Deep Discount rate to India @ 25-30c /min. Incoming is free in most countries. See SIM matrix.
  • Local phone number
  • Low local call rates
  • No activation / registration
  • No rentals
  • Post paid billing
  • Free delivery
Trikon's Worldwide SIM card lets you roam in 150 countries with a single UK number. In 75 countries, incoming is not just free, on most networks you are paid to receive calls! Outgoing is cheap enough to rejoice. There is an option of a USA number for use when in the USA. Forward this card to your Indian phone number when not traveling, for free! 3G data service from 13c/MB. No rent! Free delivery any where in India! Available in two denominations.
  • Single number worldwide
  • Get paid to receive calls!
  • No rent
  • Full talk time
  • Prepaid service
  • Free delivery


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Choice of worldwide or country specific sim cards
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Worldwide sim card pays you to receive calls!
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Country specific gives local number in country of travel
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Free incoming in most countries
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Deep Discount call rates to India @ 25-30c per minute
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Free delivery & collection
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Transparent, publicly viewable tariff schemes
"Very user friendly, cost effective, good network and very helpful staff."

Yasmin Elavia


Unlimited International Calls!
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Trikon's VoIP is an international Internet phone service with unlimited ISD calls for a one time fee. Our phone attaches directly to your broadband connection; no computer needed. 3 plans cover every need. Our payment structure and money back policy make it easy to try our service.
This plan buys you unlimited calling to USA, Canada, UK landline, China and Hong Kong for just Rs250/month. Other destinations can be called beginning from Rs0.89/min. Easy payment terms make it risk free to try the service. Service loaded with features such as return call, conference call etc.
  • 5 destinations unlimited
  • Low monthly fee
  • No computer needed
  • 100% return policy
  • As clear as a land-line
  • Super upgrade options
This plan buys you unlimited calling to most major destinations across the globe for just Rs500/month!
  • 35 destinations unlimited
  • Low monthly fee
  • No computer needed
  • 100% return policy
  • As clear as a land-line
  • Super upgrade options
This plan lets you call worldwide at local rates. Call rates begin at Rs0.40/minute. All upgrade services are enabled by default, no need to make separate payment.
  • Call rates from Rs0.40
  • No computer needed
  • As clear as a land-line
  • All features enabled
  • Full Talk Time
  • Detailed Statement


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Unlimited worldwide calling for a one time payment
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100% money-back guarantee
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VoIP phone provided, no computer needed
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Plug and play installation procedure
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As clear as a land-line, or your money back
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Detailed monthly statements
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Optional feature: Receive return calls after you have called someone
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Optional priority call barge feature
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3 party and multiparty conference feature
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Optional incoming numbers from 50 countries to receive calls
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Toll-free numbers also available to give your business the added edge
"I found it clearer than the local phone company."

Lincoln Coehlo


Maintenance free Email Services
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Trikon's OwnMail service eliminates the headaches related with providing email to your organisation. It is maintenance-free. You do not need a server at your premises, nor technical help. This gives you huge cost savings with great flexibility.
OwnMail was designed from ground up to be used without technical help. You can define multiple smtp delivery locations. Full featured browser based design makes it easy to share computers. Shareable web folders allows users to access files from anywhere. A unique feature is to run local email servers on private IP addresses. Compressed email delivery option reduces BW by 50%
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Multi-location mail
  • Use shared computers
  • Files and mail on the go
  • Servers on dynamic IP
  • Compressed mail delivery
Email, Website, Web folders and domain registration are all available under a common package. For each package you pay a monthly rent of Rs120pm, a rate per MB of traffic or disk space used and a monthly minimum bill.
PlanRentRs/MBMin bill/mnth
OM275.2 (US)1200.10275


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Browser based email
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Pop access
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Personal message filters
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Personal signature
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Download from other POP accounts
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Message search
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Address book in compose
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Delivery receipts / read receipts
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Message forward
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Automatic save of sent messages
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Reminders via email
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Can be used from office, home or on the road, no need for a laptop
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Can be used from shared computers

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Unlimited number of mailboxes of between 200 - 1,500MB. Default 200MB
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Powerful Anti-virus, Anti-spam
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Fine grained delegation of administrative functions - suitable for large organisations
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Global signature or message / Sign-up message
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Web site email is completely customisable
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Message archiving
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Postmaster facility
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Message tracking system
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All features available via web browser, no need to load any software
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Global message filters
"Your service is really hassle-free, and it never goes down"

Uday Seth

For Call Centers

Complete solutions for your Centre!
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Trikon provides the most complete set of services for Call Centres, including outbound International minutes, incoming numbers and services such as Fax2Email and hosted IVRs, as well as the Industry's most innovative dialer solutions
Trikon provides 2 outbound International rate decks for dialers - Local CallerID and Customer CallerID. Both rate sheets can be used simultaneously by setting prefix. Rates begin at Rs0.39/minute.
  • Rates begin Rs0.39/min
  • 2 rate decks
  • 3 simultaneous lines
  • US/UK/Canada@Rs0.39/min
  • 6/6 billing
  • Online real time console
Trikon provides inbound DIDs from 50 countries and toll free numbers from 6. Choose between a per minute cost or a per channel cost. We also provide IVRs, Fax2email, hunting and voicemail services for your DIDs.
  • Numbers from 50 countries
  • Rents from Rs189/month
  • Per minute or per channel
  • Fax2Email and IVR
  • Hunting and Voicemail
  • Online real time console
Trikon provides the Industry's most innovative dialer solutions. Hosted dialers are Rs25/hr with no monthly minimum, and inhouse dialers are free with purchase of International minutes. It is easy to start with the hosted dialer solution and then shift to our free inhouse dialer.
  • Hourly hosted Dialers!
  • Free Inhouse dialers
  • Based on Vicidial
  • Use any minutes service
  • Free trial available


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2 outbound rate decks starting @ 39p/minute
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Outbound rate decks chosen by prefix on call by call basis
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Online console for CDRs, payments, preferences
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Choice of IP authentication or username
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Virtually unlimited channels available
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DIDs from 50 countries starting Rs189/month
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Choice of per minute or per channels charges
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Toll free DIDs from 6 countries starting @99p/minute
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Fax2Email and IVR solutions
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Hunting and Voicemail
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Hourly billed hosted dialer with no monthly minimums
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Free inhouse dialers on purchase of minutes
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Dialer based on Vicidial, world's most popular dialer
"One of the things that has impressed us more than when we have used other dialers is your tech support is always available if we encounter issues and your willingness to work with our group... we are quite happy with the system, in terms of cost, ease of use and again support."

Steve Ball

Worldwide SIM Card
Get paid to travel abroad!
Unlimited VoIP
Unlimited International Calling
Hourly Hosted Dialer
Predictive Dialer for Rs25 per hour
Trikon brings you the power of Internet communications